Its All Coming Together

I’ve learned not to like a team. First it was the Blue Jackets and Avalanche. Out first round. Then it was Canadiens, Penguins and Blackhawks. The Blackhawks and Canadians are still in but almost gone. DAMN IT I NEED TO STOP CHOSING TEAMS. They just keep leaving. Please don’t come and kill me. I’m sorry for jinxing your teams but DAMN IT. I was talking to somebody and I’m listening to what he’s saying and it was all so true. We both don’t like the Rangers and both of us just had a great hockey conversation. Until the devil came walking by. Stay tuned for part two.


I Wish

I remember it was either late December or early January and it was versus the Phoniex (now Arizona) Coyotes and during the intermission PEOPLE WERE OUTSIDE. Where I live it was FREEZING. I realize that it’s always warm and everything but, there outside standing and talking. If it was where I live and I went outside during the intermission you’d be freezing. If my team was still in the playoffs (blue jackets) you could if you wanted to. But how many would do that. 


I wish that I could stand outside during intermissions but I can’t. 


Thank You

imageI’m just casually on the Columbus Blue Jackets app and BAM. Ryan Murray. Really it was a thing about the armed forces. WHICH I READ THANK YOU VERY MUCH. But it had a 27. That’s Ryan Murray. I wish they had his face but they have his mini beard. Anyway back on track. Thank you veterans and people who are still serving. Thank you.


Welcome to the blog. I’m making a promise already that I probably won’t keep. Hey stop giving me that look. My promise is I will TRY to update once a week or more. I know its easy to keep that promise. *takes bow because of how smart I am*

Anyway this will be a hockey blog. I swear it will be.